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South Side Soups

Souped Up!

South Side Soups started as an offer to make soups for the upcoming Mabe’s Deli on 75th street in the Chatham Neighborhood. Chef Tiffany Williams produced up to 70 gallons of soup per day for a number of years while working in corporate catering. She then realized the scarcity of ready to eat soups on the South Side. Chef Tiffany decided to expand her business to include wholesale soups. She thought, “As a Chicago based company we know that the weather can change at any moment.  We can produce hot soups as our contribution. We would rather see fresh soups with little or no preservatives or additives served in our community.”  After doing a bit of research, she found that there were not many places on the South Side selling hot, wholesome soups. Most don’t have the capacity to produce them in house or they have them so sporadically you have to get in early before they sell out. South Side Soups by Exquisite creates fresh soups so your establishment can consistently have an option during the grueling winter months and all year long! In addition to Mabe’s Deli, you can sip a cup of our warm soup goodness at Build Coffee and Kusanya Café.